Want a lead conversion system implemented for you that dramatically beats your underperforming lead nurture program?

B2B SaaS Marketing Leaders:

Fix Your Underperforming Lead Nurture Program

With a High Response Lead Conversion Funnel That Produces Pipeline and Makes a Direct Contribution to Revenue

"Our email list was under 10K subscribers and we weren't getting sales calls. In under 3 weeks, your work yielded 50 discovery calls that closed over $60K in revenue." Jamal Reimer, Founder, Enterprise Sellers

If you're a CMO, a Head of Marketing, or a Head of Lead/Demand Gen, you're facing a dramatic increase in pressure to grow the sales pipeline and produce revenue.

The programs that you ran in the "grow at all costs" era were largely focused on producing as many MQLs as possible. Most didn't go very far in the pipeline, and those that did closed at an enormously high CAC...

Which is why so many CMOs and marketing leaders are on the bench now in 2024. Your board and the rest of the SLT are looking for predictable, efficient growth, and when marketing can't contribute tangible, measurable results toward that growth, it's getting deprioritized.

Today, your ability to put high-quality leads into the pipeline - leads that have a strong likelihood of going deep in the sales process and closing as a net new customer - will determine the status of marketing inside the company, as well as any future opportunities you and your team have for career growth and advancement.

If you can't do this efficiently, predictably, and repeatably, the future of marketing at your company looks increasingly dim. But if you start to deliver these results, you and your entire marketing org will be in the driver's seat of the entire GTM operation, because everything related to the company's growth starts with you.

Profit Automation is a B2B SaaS Lead Conversion Company. Our mission is to prove to SaaS marketing leaders everywhere that lead conversion can be so much better than you've come to believe.

Regardless of your tech stack, we will create a High Response Lead Conversion Funnel that consists of a few critical pieces of high-converting content, high-converting landing pages, powerfully persuasive emails or texts, and then the optional building blocks of webinars, videos, or live online events.

This funnel can replace your underperforming lead nurture program (or, if you want, you can run this funnel in parallel with your lead nurture program to compare results).

Convert Leads to Pipeline Faster, in Higher Volumes, with Better Qualification

3 Simple Steps

to Replace Your Underperforming Lead Nurture Program with a High Response Lead Conversion Funnel

Step 1

Book Your Free Lead Conversion Diagnostic

You'll choose a time to meet together, and then answer a few simple questions to help us perform your diagnostic (5 - 6 questions max).

Step 2

We'll Dive In and Perform Your Diagnostic

Using the information you gave us, we'll do our research to understand why you're not converting more leads. We'll reach out if we need any additional info.

Step 3

You Create More Pipeline and Increase Your Status

We'll share our findings form the diagnostic in a meeting. Maybe we work together, or maybe you implement the findings yourself. Either way, you enjoy higher lead to pipeline conversion and an elevated status for marketing.

Proponents of Lead Nurture readily admit that it requires a lot of patience.

At at a time when the status of marketing at your company depends on your ability to generate leads, opportunities, and net new customers efficiently, predictably, and repeatably...

Waiting 2 years for a lead to get gently nurtured into the loving arms of your sales pipeline is attractive to exactly...


But it doesn't have to be that way.

Profit Automation specializes in crafting High Response Lead Conversion Funnels that convert more leads to pipeline faster and with better qualification.

We do this by blending deep experience in B2B tech/SaaS with the tactics used by the highest converting marketers on the planet - tactics that SaaS has almost completely ignored.

But you don't have to take our word for it. We won't take your money even if you try to give it to us - not until we've given you a free Lead Conversion Diagnostic so we can point out some of the reasons why your programs aren't generating pipeline at the rate you want and need.

All you have to do is click the button nearby on this page, choose a time to receive your results, and then answer a few quick questions about your current lead conversion programs. We'll take that info and do a deep dive diagnostic, and we'll deliver our recommendations for increasing your lead conversion during the meeting you scheduled.

If we think we can help you, we'll offer to do so. This is not a hard-sell.

You'll leave this diagnostic with valuable insights into how you can accelerate your lead to pipeline conversion, whether we mutually decide to work together or not.

This diagnostic is 100% free - there is zero charge, and zero obligation. Book now.

You Can Expect the Following Results from a High Response Lead Conversion Funnel

Convert Leads to Pipeline Faster and in Higher Volumes

Produce Measurable Marketing Contribution to Sales

Deliver Leads to Sales with More Uniform Qualification

Enable Easier Performance Optimization

Dramatically Reduce the Complexity of Your Current Programs

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